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Hi all,i'm thinking of riding my gs 1200 to Portugal to meet my wife for a holiday in September.i've never done anything like this before so the question is can it be done and if so how long would it take and what are the pitfalls/dangers.friends opinions vary from"you're mental don't do it" to "what a great idea go for it"but what do you think??any advice or help would be most appreciated especially from someone who's done it,regards, Pete

Hi Peter, Please visit my website and email me for all the questions you may have. Thanks and regards,   Miguel Oliveira

I do it regularly. Will take you three day's. So you are looking at two night's to over stay. John933 

Get your Docs in order...they will stop you just past the border to check them...this is a very poor country. beware of the "Campings"..those house refugees, they are very poor and you are rich by comparison, and human nature!! Be prepared to defend yourself....Remember this is, Corpus Juris.... Good to have a knowledge of at least Spanish.You can play the "Dumb English" card...but this has been well played Do not get involved with the drug trail..Have a spliff if you want, but do remember this is a major cocain importation country due to its links with Brazil....However clever your plan is!!! Do keep these things in your mind, but don't get paranoid as the real world is everywhere....Enjoy it , and maintain your integrity...

thanks for all your replys fellas very helpfull if a little worrying could lobofuego explain more about the "campings" as I am a little confused about that and could john993 tell me the way he goes and maybe where he has his overnight stops please,you could pm me if you like,thankyou to all for your replies

After the revolution of 74....The Portugese terretories of Mozambique and other African despots states Portuguese control, were "taken over" and Previous supporters with Portugese passports entered Portugal...nowhere to go and with little not left behind....The Government hid the majority in the "Campings"...!!

Before the "Bloodless" revolution of 74, Portugal was a rich country ,with Gold and a wide protectorate...However, after the revolution.....There was no more gold, ...and the various African interests lost....America, of course ...would never be  responsible, as it never is!!!

Just got back from Portugal and Spain, lovely people, amazing roads, no v cheap, we really roughed it in 4star hotels as they were only £60 a night

Hello Peter. Rather than stick a map up, I just use a sat nav, set to non toll road's. While in France us the F1 hotel's. Easy to find. The problem with them now is the price. Not all F1 are the same price, but they are the same hotel. Half of the holiday is picking out a way to go, Once in Spain. Look out for bed signs at the side of the road. That how I find a place. Then put it in your sat nave for the way back. I make my way to Faro. Two over night's, and three day's. Usually get's me there just after mid day. Wish you well. John933  

Depends where you live in the uk as to how long it takes. For me in the North East of England, Dover or Portsmouth is a days ride to begin with. Once your overseas there's no point in riding on motorways,they are boring & you miss the real parts of the countries you are travelling through. If you have plenty of time then ride through France & Spain, if not take the ferry to Santander or Bilbau. I've booked a return for next August £558 return for bike 2 people & cabins. If you compare this to fuel, tunnel fees & hotels etc it's pretty good. Don't try to cover too many miles each day, you can still get some terrible weather & very heavy rain over there. I got caught in a a terrible storm on the south coast of France this August, torrential rain, lightning & the temperature dropped to only 8 degrees. I'm off to Spain & Portugal next August & have booked hotels through,  (You can cancel up to 24 hours before your stay) & made routes with my Garmin 660 Bulldog 1100

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