Honda CB1300 for Touring?????

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Honda CB1300 for Touring?????

Hi All.

This is my first post, so first of all i apologize if it is a little amateur (ish), and also if the question has been asked (and answered) many times before.

Currently I ride a 99 Hornet 600 and intend to do a bit of touring round Europe in the summer two up (the Hornet is OK but a little uncomfortable for a pillion). I called in at a local dealer today who suggested the VFR800 or CBF1000, and reckoned that the CB1300 wouldn't be brilliant.

However, i REALLY like the way the CB1300 looks and rides (the low down power ), has anyone had any experience touring on a CB1300, are they ok or would I be better off going for something like the CBF1000.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


I went on a trip to France a couple of years ago where a CB1300 was along and it seemed to cope just fine 2 up.... bike had a screen fitted and top box and they used throwover panniers but aprt from that seem to recall it was pretty standard...TBH you can tour on just about anything if you want to.... I mainly use an 03 'Blade or 999s for my trips and just live with the areas they are not so good in as  trade off against all the things I like about them....

Which one CB 1300 or CB 1300s ?I've got the CB1300s the faired one , and I'am pretty happy with it .Screen for me is a little to small but going to change that shortly and some say the seat is to soft ,but hey go try one  !

First thing really is where you are going and what type of roads you ride on tour - then the type of riding you do the rest of the time - the bike choice spins off that.

I've toured Europe a couple of times on my ZRX1200, a very similar bike to the CB1300. It'll make a great tourer with a higher screen.

It will be fine as everyone says - horses for courses though depending on which roads you take, I personally believe you can tour on most bikes but some are better than others.We did France on a Triumph Rocket and enjoyed the whole trip...

Hi All

Thanks for the replies, i'll take it into consideration when i make my choice. Im also looking at the Triumph Sprint ST 1050. When i tour I'll mainly be staying on sealed roads, mountain passes, highways, motorways etc, with no intention whatsoever in going off road.

If i went for the CB1300 it would definitely be the CB1300S and i would most probably invest in a double bubble screen.

I agree with bladerideressex and ridersrest, if you can tour on a 999 im sure ill manage this year on a hornet 600, but something more comfortable for my girlfriend (pillion) would probably be bette

Hve you had a look at the FJR1300 as opposed to the ST1050 comes with a Shaft Drive I have had mine for 9 years this june and is an excellent allround tourer out of the 3 bikes I have. Rocket 3; Moto Guzzi Stelvio and the FJR my Mrs preferes the FJR for comfort we have done 80 odd thousand miles of touring on it.  I would reccomend it to anyone and would buy another...  Good on the motorway munching the miles and has a good turn of speed and quite nimble through the bends...   Anyway I know each to his own (thats why I have 3 bikes lol) and the Mrs rides her own CB500S...

If you're going to spend a fair amount of time on smaller (b road type) roads - having the smallest wheelbase possible is a good idea.

If you're going to spend a fair amount of time on smaller (b road type) roads - having the smallest wheelbase possible is a good idea.

Our little party of four bikes all performed more than satisfactorily over some 1800 miles in France last May. Although all solo ridden the bikes were:Suzuki GSX 1400 (Not too dissimilar to CB1300) - Yamaha Warrior - Kawasaki ER6N - Hysong GV650 Aquila.Were off to Ireland this year same bikes apart from the the Yam from which has now been replaced by a Hayabusa. FWIW, personally I wouldn't have any qualms about the CB and touring. 

Tou can tour anywhere on anything,just adapt your style. After many years of touring on Bikes ranging from 250 Honda Dream through many BMW,s Triumphs,now using a 2006 CB1300SA. Memorable moments,3 Harly Davidsons heading for the Motorway at the first sight of the Pyrenees,& young couple in love riding to the south of Spain on a 250 MZ dressed only in shorts & T Shirts,could not touch each other for the whole fortnight. Pete,ex Mojacar Rally vet.

Harleys are known to be good for road trips however I think any street bike can do the tricks.

The Cb1300 is fine for touring whether faired or not. The only thing I would mention though is that the rear pegs are quite high and some pillions find it a bit uncomfortable on long rides. You can buy peg lower's to help with this so all is not lost, but something to be aware of especially if you test ride without your pillion. Hope you find what you are after Dave

Put a top box on it to give your partner a backrest and somewhere dry to put your stuff. Take a test ride to check she is happy before you buy it. Someone mentioned a CBF1000. There is a touring version with panniers and they are good bikes and CHEAP! Makes a good streetbike/commuter back at home. I have done loads of tours on two CBFs so happy to recommend them. I have also done a tour in Oz with my wife on the back on a CB1000. The bike was a bit lardy and gassy but perfectly adequate - although if you are doing distance work you NEED a screen. Go for the S version. I think they look great from the back. Probably even better with your missus on it? Oooerr...

I did rio de janeiro to Buenos Aires in a naked one, with pillion. Its perfect for touring using bigger windscreen and Givi hard luggage.

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