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Highland rider tours

Hi all,can you here me now,dunc

Loud and Clear .. Pics and Bits to follow when iv got them on me puter .. good to hear from you ! .. cant wait to catch up on all the comments! Rob

Hi all, PATRICK here (no not skidders)! disks burnt & ready to send. Mouth only just stopped aching, what a week! Hello sweet heart & St Robert, Kevin ( alias sun set!) is fit and well and now has a CBT to her name!Will send the CD's this week some time. Great week!

Hi everybody, Geoff here, the old metal joint still creaking along.  Fantastic week, have had to sew my sides back together cause I laughed so much and Duncan, yes Mother does know Betty.

Well done kevin,maybe thud can do his CBT he was good on the motorways on the way back maybe cos there straight.Rommel and joe are invading essex on thurs night.ACHTUNG

Hello boy's ! Sunset here.I have every sympathy with thud after doing u turns and figures of eight on monday on a 125, ( alright so its not really a bike !!!) but at least I stayed on it. Paddy won't be seen out with me till I can have a real bike, He cannot ride that slow!Glad you got home ok Tuperware and all is intact. Why is Joe coming with Rommel? Is Rossi busy or has he been wounded in action?

Hello everybody Well done Sunset, getting like Miss Quatro. Good to see tuperware is okay and staying fresh. (really seals in the goodness)Dunc has put new panel on bike so I dont have to wash that bit.Dunmow is on full alert for Thursday evening waiting for the sound of jack boots comining off the A120.Paddy its Wednesday tomorrow, time to turn your undies inside out.Good to se the Saint on cue, I saw a rainbow in Peterborough on the way home.

Oh what Jolly times were had


The saint is the bouncer on the left.Good pics

Im booking another track/training day at Cadwell Park on Tuesday Sept 9th If interested follow the link  http://www.hoppridertraining.co.uk/BetterRiding.asp

Lots of people with very low post counts. Is this a forum raid by SAGA? 

Thanks for the disc skidders,off to snetterton now for bsb,anyone going to moto gp next sunday.

Excellent pictures, will download mine on Sunday and send out when back from Spain, just got picture disc from Janice and Peter in post.

Hey Paddy, sorry mixed you with Peter - sorry, not an easy mistake.

it's all a bit gay int it

I think it's doggers code

Hi all Must say, the photos aren't very complimentory ! Were we really that drunk ???!!!. Skidders has had a ceremonial burning of the undies after seeing these photo's. So much for what happens on tour stays on tour.Spoke to Rommel today on the phone. Sorry to hear that the extended stay took the edge off the tour. The good thing is that they have sourced a new hotel that may be an option next time. we are off away for the weekend so will check in next week.Who is Davevmax ? Geoff you are a top bloke and a cracking rider.Bye for nowS&S

Hello, hello, no I think we've got a crossed line - I'l ring you back later.

Pics removed .. sorry if they offended

Many thanks to Great Dunmow for such a warm welcome and great evening. Unfortunately Rommell was on trench duty in Clitheroe but has vowed to make it next time.

Great to see Photos thanks S&S, where are "The Saints" ??

Life is never going to be the same again, can't stop thinking "where were we this time last week" so good it was brilliant.


davevmax,chill out a bit this is all a good laugh with a good bunch on a bike tour.

Hi all. NO sainty, you didnt offend, please feel free to re-post the photos; they were an accurate record of a memorable event. Lets be honest, if i didnt want anyone to see next months washing i should keep my kit on or sell the rights to "hello"!!!!Thanks to the Wild Hawg (if he sees this) for the prints & note, very welcome.Sweetheart, still trying to get clearance (*) for G P. Hope to make it & catch up. (Sunset would like all our readers to know it is not her who is vetoing the GP trip)!                                                      Cheers for now Skidders.

macmdu wrote (see)

davevmax,chill out a bit this is all a good laugh with a good bunch on a bike tour.

But not what this section is all about, had someone bothered to read this you may have started this thread elsewhere As it is, its now been reported

Jack .. you really need to get out more

My word Mr Palmer. Is your halo slipping? you found the words i was looking for! But seriously Jack, this banter may be in the wrong place, but its a genuine testiment for the highland rider tour we have all just returned from.  A great itinary, quality accomodation, and above all, inspired companionship.                                                                                                               Skidders                                                              

Hi all,
Glad to see the dialogue continuing. Thanks Wild Hawg for the pics. Guess what I got for Fathers Day (Wild Hogs) DVD. Our girls think they have a new Mum & Dad.
Have been away in Essex again all week, spoke to sweetheart on Thurs he still loves Helen even though she was not there. Hope those of you meeting at the motogp have a good time.
Rommel is still on trench duty in reflective mode, can't wait to meet up again when our "LIVERS" have recovered. Have booked Cadwell 9th Sept hoping to meet up with the "The Saint" and maybe "Sweetheart" whilst there. We are going to incorporate a tour of Lincolnshire at the same time. Starting on Sat or Sun (6th/7th) finishing Fri or Sat (12th/13th). Got orders to finish now (but only if I want to).

Luv to all

Hello R&RRide on !!! Nice to see you giving the kid's something to talk about. Skidders & I cannot make Donnington but would love to make Cadwell in Sept to touch base with you all.When you are in Lincolnshire let us know( only if you want to)! and we will try and meet up for the day somewhere as you are nearly in our neck of the woods. It would be good to see  St Robert also .xx S&S

Can anyone make it to the 'Boston Bike Night' on July 3rd .. meet starts 6.30 pm.Look it up its a biggy See you there!http://www.boston-riders.co.uk/

Hi Rob.We would have loved to have come but unfortunatly Paddy is on call this week. Keep us posted of any other local meets as we would love to meet up.xx SunsetPS Do you know of any 125's going as we are having a job finding one here and I am quickly loosing confidence!

Cant make it but im racing my ktm at cadwell on sat and sun 12th 13 july and doing a track day on th 11th .If you fancy going i have some tickets ,dunc

Oh Well maybe next time .. dont forget and try to get to Cadwell in September, Joe has booked. even if you dont want to go on track you can always come down during the day, there is no charge to get in and the food is good!I dont think i can Get to Cadwell on 11-13 July going down me caravan! Thanks for the offer and good luck Cadwell is a fantastic track, let us know how you get on.Sunset .. what 125 you after a sporty Aprilia or something a little tamer? Ill keep an eye out for you.

To Rob,

Not sure if you got my email re Boston, like the others can't make it that day, did you get our pic ??

To Sunset,

Will keep a eye out for 125's any particular make ??

To Dunc,

We are in Bottesford that weekend, good luck and let us know how you get on.

Any news from Jim, you have been quiet

Hi AllLooking for  a cg 125 just to get my sea legs on! Cadwell park on Sun 13 would be good. What time does it all kick off ?S&S

Hello davevmax,  just by way of stopping you making a twat of yourself again; S & S are two people, one of whom has just done her CBT , the other enjoys a zx12r. Hope this helps.        S P.S. Yep I do look particularly foxy in my leathers, especially with no vpl from my white skiddies!!!

well done patrick

just in case davevmax s&s are two people and very nice and good people as well


Hi allJust to let you know that I have now purchased a bike. Well, its a bit of an excuse for one realy but hey ho. I have a Honda City Fly 125.Watch out Duncan, it may grow into a big traillie and catch up with yours( I don't think so !!!!)xx SunsetLove the smile Rob !

WTF This has got to be the weirdest thread ever.

I think davemax has turned it into that

If Rumbles is shy I'll meet you at Sandy Bay caravan park, and exchange photos there. Alternatively, Creswell towers could prove to be an viable alternative.Tatty bye for now.

Oh, I say.

Well really, you bunch of oiks, please desist forthwith

Cooeeeee Daveymaxey.

davevmax wrote (see)

John.. wrote (see)

Cooeeeee Daveymaxey.

I refuse to rise to the bait,as I think you sir are trying your dambdest to extract the proverbial Michael!

You don't say.

Mr Vmax - you are indeed a man of God Matthew 5:39But I tell you not to resist an evildoer. On the contrary, whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him as well.

Hi DuncanIt was great to see you at Cadwell Park. sorry we missed the grass tracking but it was great to see you get the fourth place. Soon be bank holiday weekend and the british super bikes,Hope to see more of the gang then.We are planning to bring the tent for the weekend. S&S xx

Dave, shall we meet at the badger shoot, Thursday week.Bring a blanket as my knees can't take it, if the grass is wet.

Right you two, you're under arrest for thread hijacking, lewd behaviour and other offences to be taken into consideration


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