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Gran Canaria

Not usually one for writing in about rides I've been on, but this is different. Just got back from a week in Gran Canaria with my wife and daughter. Fancied a day away from the pool, so thought about hiring a bike and getting up in the mountains. Was chatting to another holidaymaker who had been out with a company called Canary Motorcycle Tours and recommended them. They normally do week long tours but also do daily ride. It was awesome........the mountains were amazing and the views fantastic. Everything was included in the price, no big credit card deposit to shell out, the price included bike, fuel, insurance, jacket, gloves even lunch. The guide was great guy, really new his stuff too, had a right laugh and the riding was some of the best I've ever done. I enquired about the week tours, couldnt believe the price £395 for a winter tour. When I think of the £1000's some people would pay going to Asia etc, this was a brilliant price. I never thought you could get a week riding from such a small island, but our day ride, only touch some of the mountain roads. The roads are practically empty, lots of winds, hairpins, and great views. Our day wasnt too expensive either, €89 from 9.30 - 17.00 loads of riding, even cheaper than hiring with lots of extras too............I can definatley feel another Gran Canaria break coming along after Xmas,(this time with the lads though!!!!!) especially if our UK weather  is as bad as what they are predicting........

Anyone else rode over there ?


Yes...a few days might be entertaining, but with the situation as it is ..forget it, it is also situated on a major techtonic plate fault line , coupled with being just a little way from the lovely twin cycle nuclear plant of Jorf Lasfar.....

California is also on a major fault line, but it doesnt stop people riding their bikes or even living there. The likelihood if an eruption/quake is minimal to say the least!!! As for Jorf Lasfar - it miles away mate in Morroco. Can't see the 1000s of holiday makers in Gran Canaria ever worrying too much about that. Serioulsy though tour was cool and would certainly go back and do it again, it was more than 'entertaining'. Stuff like that the comments above are pretty irrelevant when talking about a days ride out on motorbike. 

What a find. I spent a week navigating (car and on foot) around Gran Canaria a year ago. Once off the beaten track there are plenty of world class motorcycling miles to delight island visitors. You can find challenging tiny and very steep mountain roads amid splendid scenery. There are miles of twisty tarmac through mountain and desert terrain. Many thanks for the information. It looks like canary motorcycle tours are offering a perfect holiday. I hope to go there next winter.

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