France trip from South devon

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France trip from South devon

Hi all, newbie here and am looking to plan a trip to the south of France... Have no idea what route to plan and the best places to stop and see etc. Any tips greatly welcomed. Thank you

Check out for starters. Route Napoleon is a apparently a good one to head south. Do a check on biker friendly B&B's and plan routes in between, but also allow yourself to go off campus and follow your gut, have an adventure My last trip, ferry from plymouth to Santander in Spain. We then rode to the Pyrenees and zig zagged between France and Spain. Check out, lost of tips and ideas there. Browse the web intensively, loads of info out there. My ride back up through France was a mad dash so can't suggest too much more. Are you going somewhere specific or just looking for a great ride? What time/month of year will effect things too.

Thanks chaz ufo that's great. Maybe late summer, September time if it's nice down there. Nowhere specific, will tailor it around just visiting some amazing places! ????

Plan it around what you want to see. If you want to do some of the high passes check to make sure they are likly to be open when you plan to travel. We wanted to do the transfagarasan High way a few years ago but it was covered with snow around 15 feet deep in that June. We are looking at possibly do a 2 week trip around France next year so if you do your trip please pass on any information you think might be helpful.

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