France Toll Roads / Alternatives

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France Toll Roads / Alternatives

I am off to France again in 2015 - but this time I need to get to the South Coast in 2 days.  My planned route in from the Tunnel to Dijon on day 1 then Dijon to Toulon on day 2.  I am trying to calculate the toll costs but all I can find is toll costs for cars - I did think bikes were cheaper - does anyone know?  Also, if I put avoid Tolls into the route planners it doubles the time to get there - again does anyone know a good alternative to toll roads on those routes?

We've done this journey this year and last last as well as next year! The biggest problem with the tolls is the majority are unmanned so you end up paying the car price. We stop just north of Lyon for the first night so we can get through it quite early the next day.

as above we mainly paid car prices last year, calculate as that and any savings are a bounus

How much spent to Lyon?

  Goggle map's will give you a route down with out toll road's. Have to re set the map in options'. I've done it a few time on my way to Italy.    

They do have motorcycle booths but they are tricky to spot, sometimes a sign, sometimes painted on the floor, we always pull over as we approach so we can spot the bike one but sometimes there just aint one...C'est la vie... I think last year it was about £25-30 to Mont Blanc..  

It is a shame you don't have time to ride up alongside Lake Geneva and the south over the Saint Barnard pass, both well worth doing. We found the tolls a real pain if paying cash not so much so if paying on a card.

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