France Spain & Portugal. Faro bike fest

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France Spain & Portugal. Faro bike fest

My first tour! Am I being optimistic here?

This July I plan on getting to the Faro bike fest in a week with a few stops on the way. Though the first stop will be Le Mans, simply for a photo, then I’m hoping to get to Limoges by 6pm probably via Bordeaux.

The thing is I want to reduce costs using just good roads with no tolls going, saving any toll roads for the return journey via Valencia, Barcelona and the Millau viaduct.

So, a couple of questions: What are the frequency of petrol stations on these roads(approx.)

And what happens about buying fuel on Sundays but also 14th July, Bastille day are they closed or some open.

One on camping: Can you just turn up? This will be a solo journey so no hoards of bikes turning up to camp en mass.

Thanks, John