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Fishguard to Portsmouth

Hi to all ,

We intend going to Faro next year via Portsmouth to Bilboa . Will be arriving in Fishguard a little after midnight and will be staying there for the night .Has anyone driven from Fishguard to Portsmouth ? Would like an idea as to the travel time required . 

Thank you .

Not done that route myself but do know quite a few of the roads inbetween, you're probably looking at about 6 to 7 hours assuming M'ways, major A's where you can and no holdups

Thank you , early start called for then

Google Maps says 258 miles and 4hrs 23 minutes. Depends on what time your ferry is in Portsmouth... I've driven that route by car and it does take ages. Jack's suggestion of M'ways and A roads and 6-7 hours I think is a reasonable estimate, but you could do it quicker. On a bike it would be swifter, especially in the slow section heading east from Fishguard, but the chances are you want to stop a couple of times, once at least for fuel. Choice is yours on what pace you want to set. Also the route Google maps advises is the one I'd take. Lost of boring M4, but it gets you there. Your main fun on the bike will be in Spain! I crossed from Plymouth to Santander in June, went up to the Pyrenees and zigzagged between France and Spain, including the Glorious Spanish N260.A ride of a lifetime. Santander and Bilbao are only an hour apart and the journey between Fishguard and Plymouth is very similar to the Portsmouth Route. Depending on your departure dates, and if you want one or 2 nights on the boat, either port is an option. Also, do check out Denis is an Irishman who has lived and toured through that whole area, and far beyond. He's a really great bloke and his advice and help with route planning made our trip in June. What ever you deicide route wise you'll have an incredible time over there

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