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First Tour

45 + years riding and at the end of June i am off on my first "Tour".

Bolton to Portsmouth. Overnight boat ride to Santander arriving 6pm (ish) Night in Hotel in Santander then off to Madrid, night there, then pretty way to Cordoba, night there, then onto Alicante.

As for route back, not sure, bike might be on a trailer or in the back of a Transit.

Picking new bike up on 4th May. BMW R 1200 RT LE (sorry, promise i will nod)

Looking forward to it.....the tour

Hi. Take lots of photographs. The first one I think is always the best as it is the biggest eventure. We have now done a few and Bulgaria and Back was our first and remains the biggest one in our memmory. You can read all about this in my book Bulgaria and Back. As for the type of bike that does not matter(even if it is a German two wheeled tractor)  as we are all out to enjoy what we are doing. We have had bikes from a 350 Harly too 1300 Yamaha's. When we did our first one two of the guys where aged 59 and the have both done an other trip with us last year so dont let the age thing put you off but let it enthuse others to take on a challenge of their own. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say once you have done the trip and are back to the real world. Doing the road trip on your own or with a group either way I hope you have a really great time.

Thanks for the message and tip's. Yes doing it alone on the Tractor Sold a 2012 Gold Wing Deluxe to get the RT. At 65 it's long overdue. Been on the bucket list for years. My wife was in Bulgaria a few month's back, a place called Banksco (me thinks, spelling may not be right) She loved it and is constantly pestering me to go. As for photos, i will take some, BUT, getting them from my phone to here is like trying to nail a blancmange to the wall.

you are getting the right bike for the task by all accounts, far better than the Harley imo anyway lol. If I was you I would definatly ride for an hour before getting a hotel/b&b etc as Santander looked a bit of a shite hole where as inland 30mins to an hour anywhere is really nice. as above please come back with loads of photos to make the rest of us very jealous. ride safe.

Hotel in Santander already booked. As i don't get off the boat until 5.30...6 o'clock ish i thought do an early night and get on the road after brekkie. Hotel also booked in Madrid. Cordoba not booked yet as i am not sure if i will stay in Madrid an extra night. Both hotel's we have stayed in over the years having done this route in the car many times. Going to need some advise on "how to" upload pictures.

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