First adventure away

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First adventure away

im hoping to take me and the misses on the tuono 1000 to Disney land Paris this summer. There are a few question I wouldn't mind clearing up.

would you recommend decent part worn tyres cause I usually buy softer compound tyres for the type of use I get out of my bike?

isit possible to temporarily quiet the after market pipe I got

is a single sided soft luggage effort stupid

what do I need to know about French laws and riding over there(wrong side of the road etc)


Riding on the wrong side is not a problem we have done it a few times.  As for French laws we have not done anything different to what we do in the UK and not had any problems. I am no help with your other questions as we have Givi hard cases and used them both when we went to Dusseldorff for the week end.

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