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Faro rally

Anyone been? thinking of going in 2011, whats the best route , travelling from scotland and reckon on ferry from plymouth to santander. any advice gratefully recieved.

How long were you thinking of taking off work?... Where in Scotland are you starting your trip?...How many are going?...We went in 2004 and took 3 weeks, just ferried the channel and rode as much as possible. Mostly camping (French municipal sites are generally good and value for money)To be honest the rally was just a half way mark, enjoyed the campin/riding a lot, be prepared for 24hours noise (though still enjoyable) at the rally.Got to get ready for work, so I'll have to cut it short sorry... ttfn...

Just got back friday night, after getting off the Bilbao ferry.I`ve been to Faro for the past 12 years for the rally, I even managed to win the holiday to Daytona bike week at the 2006 rally, the last few years I`ve even managed to ride down. However I think this year will be my last Faro. The rally, and the whole event has gone down hill rapidly the last few years. also with the debarkle over the switching of the camp ground. the new camping area is attrocious, so much so the club was forced to appologise about the issue during the sunday prize giving. the numbers of people attending this year IMO was dramatically down.However, if you insist on going, the obvious route will take you off the ferry, down past Burgos, to Salamanca (day 1) to hotel/camping regio? 4hrs & 250+miles, down to Merida or Zafra (day 2) 190+ miles, then south west, down the EX101/N435 towards Huelva ( cutting out Seville) west onto the A2 motorway to faro around 185 miles, taking exit 14 (N2)  signed towards the airoporto. A distance of around 640 miles north-south. You can do salamanca to faro in 1 long day.this year I did bilbao to Salamanca, salamanca to lisbon 318miles & 6.5hrs, then down to faro 3hrsthe SBSI camp sites at either Olhao or quartera 10-15 mins from the faro rally make an alternative to the rally camp site. these are used by the likes of BSH for their escorted trip.1x bike, 1x person, & 1x sml tent will cost you 11.90 euros per night, on the SBSI sites, but the facilities are good you will nead a minimum of 2 weeks just to do faro inc the ride to/from the ferry currently the fuel prices in Portugal are around 1.29+ euro/litre, where as in spain it around 1.06 euro/litre. also don`t forget to add the cost of the toll roads in the west of Portugal, which has the higher concentration of roads should you venture that way.There are a few smaller rallies elsewhere in spain & portugal which are far more worthy of my attendance. Where the ambience & hospitality are more welcoming. One such rally in the North of Portugal, I managed to attend the weekend after Faro. next year I shall be staying in the north, and missing Faro & going there. the added benefit is that its also Fiesta season in the north of spain around that time.  

thanks guys                   we will be leaving from central scotland, stirling/alloa area,looking at 3 weeks off work,prob about 6or8 of us,never been before but heard good things so really want to try it for ourselves,rally will hopefully only be one part of the trip,not really decided on homeward leg yet,poss up through france to dover or maybe amsterdam to newcastle,depending ot time/distance etc. interesting about rallys in north portugal though.       hmmm. decisions,decisions. !  

for a list of Portugese clubs/rallies take a look at the list on the LH column herehttp://cameira.wordpress.com/ There are also several short videos on youtube of some of the events, mainly showing the ride outs

hi there eney trikes going to faro for 2013 going from blackpool ann doing a 3 week run

Sounds good gents, but a little too far for yer average bloke on here They dont go far and certainly not "abroad". Oh no.   Great meet, Faro. I'll be there next year.

Hi, Just wondering what avg cost people find it to be, re: fuel, ferry, rally entrance etc. just trying to work out a budget, going for our first time year.  

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