F800 GT

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F800 GT

I went on a test drive yesterday on a second hand 2014 F800 GT . On first sight I liked the bike it is a smaller version of my 1200 GT without all the gimmicks. On mounting the bike I found it very light when considered how heavy my 1200 GT is around 250 KG. It is also not as wide so easier to mount. On switching on the engine I found it was not as obviously powerful as my 1200 which sounds like A jet engine. I found the starting a little sluggish but once it was going it was a delight to ride agile and responsive and nippy certainly fun to ride. I found the seat and riding position very comfortable. It seemed smooth and I quickly became confident in its handling ability. I wanted to see how it performed on motorway so went on M60 for a short burst I was excited about its ability and smoothness. I had read a lot of reviews that stated a vibration at around 70 mph. I did 90 mph and found it insignificant. I did find the buffeting with the wind a little.

Pros : - Comfort, Styling, Agility, Responsive, Fun, Light, Handling, Brakes

Cons: Sluggish to move off and buffeting from wind at 70 mph.

I also did some research with insure my 1200gt is £550 per annum the F800 less than half at £240. Tax is the same £80. On reading reviews on MPG 1200 = 50 mpg where as F800 its reported to be 60 on long journeys.


So on taking everything into consideration I have ordered my 2014 Graphite Grey F800 GT and will hopefully have completed and sorted this out by end of week.