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Europe 2015

Hi was thinking of organizing a 1 week bike run in europe ,or joining one.

Anyone got plans for next year  and has anyone got any weekend uk trips coming up ?


Hey........ sounds good .Road trip is one of the best way to visit any place.

especially on a bike ,will keep anyone who is interested posted as pans unfold   

Sounds great, would love to tour Europe.

you could take a look at Extra Mile Bike Tours. They do a great Very Long Weekend (6 days) which is a great intro to european touring  

If you decide to come to Portugal, please visit our website and email me for all the questions you may have. Thanks and regards, Miguel Oliveira

Europe is a big place. If you do the crossing at Dover. To get to the south of France is a day and a half. Mid Spain is about the same, as is Italy. Where ever you go, it will be the same amount of time back. Plus the travel time to the crossing port. So think about what time you have. Where you are going, and if it's worth staying at one place for a few day. South of France in nice. Two sharing a F1 hotel is about the cheapest you will get. Unless you take a tent. Must be coming up to ten year's traveling into Europe.  Twice a year I go. But unlike you I look at four to six week's at a time. Enough time to get where I need to be, and come back. Plus enough time to see thing's when I get there. Any way wish you well. John933  

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