Eastern Europe, coastal scandinavia, baltic states, Adriatic states

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Eastern Europe, coastal scandinavia, baltic states, Adriatic states

Has anyone any experience of riding or touring in these types of countries?

(coastal scandinavian I mean for example riding Copenhagen to Stockholm, and southern Finland).

In-land for the Baltic states.

And for the eastern-bloc lands read places like Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Hungary etc etc...

Adritic states read Turkey, Greece, Cyprus.


No, I'm afraid not... but I'll be heading down there this summer / autumn. I'll go up over Noway and Spain, then down through Finland and most of the countries you mentioned. Any one wanna come?

crikey, spain is quite a diversion from norway mate!have you unfolded the map?

Croatia was excellent. Reasonably close for a far-off place, iyswim - get there in 3 days, even taking the scenic route. I rode the coast road to about 100k south of Senj, turned round & came back. Fab road, not 100% perfect but always exciting. I could have spent another couple of days riding that road but didn't have time, so headed inland through Slovenia & on to Austria. Was fantistic, would thoroughly recommend it.Plus, Croatian girls......... fantastically easy on the eye.

Denmark is pretty boring, mostly suburban countryside as i remember it. Southern Sweden isnt much better either. very flat, certainly on the west coast. if your going to stockholm i guess the obvious route is Copenhagen - malmo - Jonkoping - nykoping and on to the city. Dont bother... its a long boring run and most of that route is a single carriageway full of trucks.The further north you get the nicer Sweden is i do have to say though but your talking much further north than Stockholm. if your itinerary can stretch to it consider Bergen - lillehamar cutting across to Mora and down to stockholm via falun and Uppsala. A very nice run and will give you the option of trollstigen and the eagles highway into Geiranger which are places not to be missed. HTH

Scandinavia:Ridden around here quite a bit (lived in Stockholm for a couple of years). LHTEC is right(ish) about the scenery, Denmark is very flat and visually uninteresting, southern Sweden quite flat, a bit rolling at bestDoesn't necessarily mean it's dull though, lots of empty space and lovely forests in Sweden, even in the south, and some half-decent roads. This doesn't apply to Denmark so much, not a lot of trees around thereFirst off, a warning: Traffic offences are policed very strictly across all of Scandinavia. Speeding is rigorously enforced and the penalties are steep. Drink driving is policed even more rigorously, the allowable blood alcohol limit is 0.2% (that's a quarter of what it is here, ie a sniff of the barmaid's apron or about 4-5 pints tops the night before) and if you get done for that, you'd better be prepared for jailOn the flipside, these are (with the exception of Denmark) extremely thinly populated countries and coppers are therefore few and far between. My ex's family and friends came from a very thinly populated part of northern Finland and driving pissed was a pretty regular occurrence - with 20km between tiny villages hitting an Elk is your biggest worry up thereThe empty lands and sheer feeling of space are one of the main attractions of Scandinavia; also good are road surfaces, the fact that pretty much everyone speaks English, the scenery in general, the food if you like fish and the way everything just seems to workThe main route from Copenhagen to Stockholm is as LHTEC described, and I would also seek to avoid it - if there are any police they're going to be on this road, also all the motorhomes and trucks, don't bother.Fortunately there are countless other options on smaller roads, but you'll have to seek 'em out on a map Try heading north up inland past Goteborg and over to the north of the lake of Vattern if you can - more out of the way up there.Might post a bit about Eastern Europe (used to live in Croatia) later if I get the time

I'm planning Scandinavia for the 2nd half of June. Heading over to Bergen on the boat from Newcastle, up the length of Norway to the North Cape and probably back via northern Finland and Sweden, stopping in at Oslo before back to Bergen for the boat home.Got the route north through Norway pretty well sorted including the Bergen-Geiranger run mentioned and a detour to Lofoten but not totally nailed down a route south again after the cape.Anywhere in particular through northern Finland and Sweden that I should be looking out for? Thinking of good scenery, interesting roads or particular cultural things that stand out - alternately anywhere that way I should be avoiding?It'll be my first foreign bike tour - I've toured a fair but around the UK but always had (pretty lame) excuses for not heading abroad.

El Gordo wrote

crikey, spain is quite a diversion from norway mate!have you unfolded the map?

Sweden/spain... there's little difference if you're dislexic

Hi How Much Is The Ferry To Norway Costing You? Thinking Of Heading That Way Myself.


Hi How Much Is The Ferry To Norway Costing You? Thinking Of Heading That Way Myself.

Haven't booked yet, but when I got a quote a couple of weeks ago, £77 was the best, with a bed in a 4 bed cabin. HTH

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