COMFORTABLE Seat Advice Needed

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COMFORTABLE Seat Advice Needed

I have been riding for decades and now have 4 motorcycles.  My problem is finding a comfortable seat for my 2005 Harley Superglide.  The stock seat is waaaay too low, too narrow, too "U" shaped and does not allow and forward or reverse movement.  I also have a wider solo seat but it is also like sitting in a hole, as it does not allow any movement.

I have looked at hundreds of seat for Harley's and they all seem to be made the same way "sitting low in a hole".

My Harley does NOT have forward controls as I absolutely hate bikes with forward controls.  

Does anyone make a somewhat flat seat that allows some forward and rearward movement for this bike?  I have seen a couple of La Pera seats that aren't as U (spoon) shaped as most, but nothing flat and I have to waste $400 on something I will not like.

I also have a Triumph Bonneville T100 and absolutely LOVE its flat seat; with a good sheepskin cover, it sits better than any bike I have ever owned.






Sell the Harley!

Look at MUSTANG seats in the usa, great, expensive, get hammered by import duty but good company to deal with....otherwise either use a full fleece on your seat from LAMBLAND in Devon or finally end up with the best; an AIRHAWK cover, again expensive but the best IMHO....

Airhawk? Don't know but can recommend airhawk. The riding postion for me on Harleys is so much more uncomfortable for me than a sports bike

Have your seat re-profiled, gel pad added & recovered at a saddle shop. Had my FJR 1300 done in South Shields £200 

It is always advisable to take thought from the expert so i would like to tell you that go on the service center and take advise from those guys.

A guy local to me in Northants does seat recovering and foam.  He did a seat for me.  Am well pleased with it so far PM me if you want his number  

Any advice for me? I have a Honda VFR 750 and will not replace the original seat.But, after 1-2 hoursof riding, my bag is hurting a lot. What can i do to avoid this?

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