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Co-tourers wanted

I am an experienced biker with many years behind me touring in Europe and beyond. My usual riding companion is now just a bit tied up with his new business and does not have the time for any more trips abroad, so recent excursions have been solo, but not by choice.  

If anyone has plans this summer for a trip of a week or two (or maybe more..) to Europe and would not mind one extra tagging along, could you let me know?

Bike is an original Caponord.  Previous trips have been to western and eastern Europe and Turkey as well as a couple of trips across the Sahara back in the eighties. I've been known to break speed the occasional limit and drink alcohol to excess (but never together..)  Not that slow - got my knee down first time out at Ron Haslam's race school at the age of sixty. Happy to camp or stay in hotels.

Sad, I know, but if you don't ask..

How about Spain and Portugal for two or more week's. Leaving the UK on the 12 of May? John933

Look's like he's changed his mind or lost where he's posted. John933

Hi John 933.  Sorry to be out of touch.  I've not lost where I've posted, but I have been out of the country in India and Nepal for the last couple of weeks (not on a bike as it happens..), so haven't had a chance to catch up.  May is not looking good for me at the moment, so a trip around then may sadly not be on under any circumstances.  I think I should also know a bit more about possible touring compadres other than just their availability, so how about letting me know something about your experience, bike, background, & generally where you're coming from?  Who knows?  We might work something out some other time in the year..

I am planning a big tour in Europe in 9/2015 (Athens to Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Bucharest). Care to join any part? My bike ZZR 1400, I am 42 years old.


I know l'm a bit late to the party, but as a Brit in the USA I'd be interested in a sort of exchange tour.....The US insurance laws are not as strict as UK/Euro ones, & all you need is proof of insurance in the UK & you're able to borrow anyone's bike over here. We have a Kawa Versys & a Honda Shadow (cruiser) & anyone who can repay the compliment is welcome to stay here & enjoy some really nice countryside & empty roads in perfect condition. To give you an idea what it's like here in the SW Missouri NW Arkansas are I would liken it to the Lake District with sunshine & no speed cameras or police. I'll try to post a link to a video or two that l've made later.    

Hi Mick  Thanks for the posting.  Unfortunately, I can't see me taking on a trip to the US as things stand.  I was hoping to hook up with someone else's trip to Europe, so if you happened to have been over this way, that might have been a better option. By coincidence, my friend with his own business has at last found a window in his overcrowded diary and we're off to Nice in a couple of weeks for a ride back over the Alps along the lines of the Route de Napoleon.  Not bad, eh?  I've also changed my bike now and have a new 1200 Caponord, which is a great machine that's worth a lot more exposure than it gets in the press.   Incidentally, I notice from your personal details that you lived in Lancs and in Chester.  As it happens, I currently live in Birkenhead after about forty years in Liverpool.  How about that?

Hi Capo, I have a friend who lives around the corner from you in West Kirby (the posh bit of the Wirral for those who don't know!) I wish there was a way I could "borrow" a bike & tag along with you & your mate, that trip over the Alps sounds great, but you'd better get yer skates on because Winter comes in quicker than Scotland over there!

i always tour alone by as i please change the route as i travel camp wild and meet people i would never meet as a group.i think its more of an adventure and never really had any problems.i guess my way would not suit most people but once you done it you would not do it any other companions can be a real pain if you are not totally suited to each other.

I can't disagree with you SYS&F, it's probably the safest bet to travel alone if you don't know the other(s), but it seems that Capoman knows his riding partners' foibles! Capo, l love Birkenhead, some of the people who live there not so much, but l could sit all day looking over the Mersey from either direction, & from where you are you get to see the Liver building & the churches. I'm back over there April 22nd till May 16th this year & l'm planning on getting a Ryanair/Easyjet flight to Croatia & renting a bike for a few days to tour the Adriatic coast.

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