Carole Nash Incompetent Recovery

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Carole Nash Incompetent Recovery

Just thought I'd recount some major problems I am experiencing with Carole Nash and their European Breakdown cover. I can't believe I'm the first and I'm sure I won't be the last but read on and be warned.

Carole Nash Left me stranded in Spain and wrecked my bike then offered £50 as compensation.


This is a very long story, which I will attempt to condense but let it be a warning about so called European cover from Carole Nash.


Ahead of a biking trip to Spain I called Carole Nash to check if I was covered for insurance and breakdown recovery.

I was told that I had all the same cover as in the UK for breakdown and Insurance and that it was included as part of my policy. Crucially I was told that it operates just as if I was in the UK. No problem then I was covered!


My Blackbird promptly broke down in Spain on day two of the trip (electrical connector problem) and there followed a most frustrating and stressful experience.

I called to arrange for a hire vehicle while my bike was being repaired they asked if I had my license and a credit card. I replied that I do not have a credit card but a debit card or cash they told me I could not hire a vehicle without a credit card and that they could not get me a replacement vehicle. There followed lots of phone calls and arguing but despite what I'd been told before the trip I wasn't getting a bike or car to drive!


A day or so later after many more frustrating calls, train and tax rides another guy on the trip was forced to fly home early and offered the use of his Hayabusa for the rest of the holiday. Ideal, Carole Nash could repatriate the bike and I could save them the cost of flying me home and I also get to continue the holiday!

 I called to arrange cover but was told that Carole Nash doesn’t cover bikes which aren’t owned or registered in my name and they wouldn’t help out. This was at a time when they were running a promotion for just such cover via the Internet.


I was stuck in Spain watching my mates ride off while I was stranded. If only it had stopped there!


I was sent to a dealer that was shut. I was left by the roadside for more than 8 hours. I was told the bike was fixed when it wasn’t and I was sent a taxi to take me 60 miles in the wrong direction. I was booked on to a flight that didn’t exist. I was then told they wouldn’t fly me home. I had to make in excess of £120 of phone calls and spend £400 of my own money to get me home. Not to mention the hours my wife back in Leeds spent on the phone to Carole Nash trying make sense of the mess they were creating..

They then brought the bike back so scratched it needs a total respray and the seat re-covering. (They are paying for that but I still haven’t got my bike back).


The incompetence displayed by Carole Nash, their sub contractor was almost beyond belief.

Nearly two months later they concluded that they weren’t at fault because, despite me phoning to check what I needed, there is a clause in the small print, which says a credit card, is needed for a fuel deposit.

They also state that they could not insure my mates bike as the section who deal with that are separate to Carole Nash.

The breakdown recovery people are still investigating!!!!


The financial ombudsman are now taking it on as a case and I look like I’m in for a long battle just to get my money back let alone compensation for what they put me through.

I'm now insured with Footman James after 20 + years with Carole Nash! I will NEVER consider them for cover again.Be warned….Chris Parkin Blackbird/ RD350YPVS LC2/ 2 CX500s

Just had a very similar experience - I will post a link to a full comentary including recorded calls, photos and a history of events once I hear back from their complaints department. Sufice to say. Carole Nash Assistance do not ASSIST and they also do not know where my bike is.

I recently had a terrible experience with the AA, this was in the UK, after the Patrolman was unable to fix my bike a company called Fylde recovery turned up in the wrong vehicle, it took 4 hours to move my Bike less than a mile, the day it happened was my Birthday, totally ruined my plans, hence i will never subscribe to the AA again.

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