Biking through the Pyrenees

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Biking through the Pyrenees

Hi , ive been to the spanish pyrenees a couple of years ago and wanted to go through andora, it was the type of trip where we picked the smallest road and the highest peak we could see. So in a week we didnt even get a quarter of the way to andora. 

i want to go through the pyrenees and up to italy and over the swiss alps back to the uk.

i dont stick to a must do plan, just like riding through mountains and good sceanery and heading in more or less the right direction. Its great to take along a Hammock so you can hitch up anywhere. or sleep over in a B&B.

Im on a Z1000 2010 so love to open up.

Anyone interested?


Hi you are setting your self a big challenge, I did the Pyrenees one way sailing to Santander then stayed in St Jean Pied de Port and then moved south and east heading for Garvanie and then finally through Andorra on the fantastic N260 via Sort, Had a few rest days near Barcelona I then came back up through France over the Millau bridge, I was away 10 days and have only done half what you are planning. You are gonna need 3 weeks for your trip unless you want to silly mileage every day which ruins your trip, good luck with though, I am doing Italy this year and coming back via Stelvio and Switzerland.

We took 17 days doing pretty much that.  Ended up in great places and met nice people.  Only did B&B's to travel light.  If you hit Millau (bridge) turn off and do the Tarn Gorge and head into Italy that way  (Alps). May I suggest you avoid switzerland!  

Hi James I am going to Spain through France and taking a tent and small stove for morning coffee when I wake. Will avoid ALL the motorways want a leisurely ride through France and relaxation in Spain. will take about 3 weeks to get to Spain, no rush, no panic, just enjoy. Meeting my daughter and her husband in Spain at the end of August. Will be leaving the UK somewhere around 4-5 July. Don't intend coming back for a couple of months. A good ride I hope and beautiful weather. Looking forward to the Sun and swimming off the Spanish coast. Taking cash exchange rates good now. 1.25 to the £. Any tips off anyone?

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