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Bike communications

I'm about to buy a BMW RT, and wondered if anyone knew how reliable the BMW Navigator Bluetooth is with an iPhone.

Also, what is the best way of connecting sat nav to rider (spoken directions), iPhone to rider (music and calls) and rider to pillion (including allowing pillion to listen to music etc?

Thanks, a noob to this touring lark!

I have an Arai full face lid, which I love.  I ideally want to keep wearing this, so anything that works with that would be a real bonus!

I also want to know,too! thanks!

Seeing as you've all been so helpful, I've decided to go for the BMW system along with a much needed System 6 lid. This forum isn't what it was 5 years ago!

Hello friendsWe have been producing Bike to Bike communication components for over twelve years now, it started as a hobby and over those years and many thousands of Km on the roads, hundreds of sales, we have learned an awful lot, from constant research and development, individuals variable requirements, feedback from customers and friends, we want to hear all suggestions and comments, not just the good ones either! Motorcycle communications at speed is a difficult ask. There is large amounts of noise from the wind and the motorcycle engine so don't expect the same communications quality that you would get in a car system, The most critical part is the "listening" side, a good quiet helmet goes a long way to good performance.Thanks a lotAlvin Bret

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