Bespoke Trips

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Bespoke Trips

Bespoke Motorcycle Tours InThe UK

We believe that this option will be popular with overseas visitors to the UK.  It is a bespoke service - you tell us what you want and we will arrange it.  For example, you want to be picked up from the airport; you want a hire bike dropped off at your hotel; you want a short day trip to London or a week long tour to Wales or Scotland; you may want to hire a Harley Davidson or you may want to hire a superbike; you may want to stay in 5 Star hotels or rustic country Bed and Breakfasts.  None of the above is a problem - you have total flexibility to chose when, how and what you do.

The Concept

  • The tours are tailor made.  You discuss with us what your requirements are and we will sort out the details.  No fuss, no worries - you get the holiday and tour that you want.
  • We can cater for different size of groups.
  • We can cater for different budgets - relatively low cost to very expensive depending on the length of tour, type of bike hired, standard of hotel.
  • We can offer pick up/drop off from airport, pick up/drop off of hire bike, guided tours into London, show tickets etc
  • We can offer different standards of accommodation from luxury five star to rustic bed and breakfast. 
  • A range of bikes are available including Ducati’s, Honda, BMW.  We have established  a good working relationship with a large motorcycle hire company.  The bikes are all new or nearly new with low mileages.
  • Your bike will be fitted with an on-bike video camera so you can film a video of your trip.

An Example Tour

You are flying in and arriving at Heathrow.  We will arrange pick up from the airport and take you to your hotel in Sussex. 

The following day you want to take to the roads.  We will arrange for the hire bikes you have pre-chosen to be dropped off at your hotel.  Our guide(s) will meet you and give you a short briefing, you will be issued with two way radios so that the guide(s) can keep in contact with you whilst on the move.  You will also be issued a GPS Satnav (so you can keep track of your journey) and on-bike video camera.

The above is purely an example.  Of course, you could make it longer, shorter etc.  There is total flexibility.