Average Miles in 10 Days

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Average Miles in 10 Days

I am planning a trip through the alps for the first time and wanted to get an idea of the average miles one would cover in 10 Days. I was thinking around 2000. A long day down and back with mixed miles throughout. For those in the know - do you think this is average or over ambitous?

200 a day easy imo.

You shouldn't have any problem doing that. Typically I would take a week in all to get from Birmingham down to the Alps or Pyrenees, a couple of days there then back again - usually about 2,000 - 2,500 depending on all sorts. That's riding every day but never using motorways / autoroutes.

200 miles a day is OK as a long-term average. In 10 days there's a fair chance you will find somewhere nice and/or the weather will get shitty and you might want to hole up somewhere for a day or two, so I wouldn't aim much over the 250 mark as a daily average. 350-400 mile days are fun on good roads in nice weather, but not every day, and over 500 miles can easily start to become a chore, IYSWIMYou won't need to do any more than 200-250 as a long term average though. My tips for an Alps trip of this length, as 10 days is plenty, is to go down through Eastern France - Lorraine, Alsace, Jura, all of which have some brilliant riding roads, and spend some time south west of the Alps proper in Alpes-Maritimes as well. The riding here (eg Route Napoleon, Verdon gorge, around Sospel) is better than the high Alps IMO. My other tip would be to go right over towards the Eastern Alps towards Slovenia and NE Italy (SudTirol) which has some brilliant roadsDon't take the piss too much speedwise in Switzerland or Austria, either. It can get expensive

200 - 250 a day was what we averaged over 12 days around that area last year and we werent pushing it at all...

Great - thank you for the feedback and tips. I guess i am on the right track. I was planning to head to Northern Croatia through the Germany/Austria side and will come back via the Northern Lakes and across through France and up.

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