Autocom/Starcom/Intercom/etc - best place to buy?

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Autocom/Starcom/Intercom/etc - best place to buy?

Hi all,

Looking to get a intercom kit for the bike this summer and just wondering if anyone knows of any decent deals on at the moment? Would like one I can hardwire into the bike so I can speak to the missus and vice verca - would also be cool if she can listen to music/her phone independently of me, so I don;t have to (would rather concentrate on the road) but this isn't a priority.

So far looking at an Autocom Active-Duo 200 which I have seen on offer for around £120 - are these a good bit of kit and is that a decent price? Any other recommendations?!


There are always lots on eBay. it seems that many people buy, use once or twice, and sell.  Maybe they find the bike/touring/partner doesn't agree with them. 

OK, thats worth a look, cheers.Any other suggestions for new items?

Out of interest, which system would you guys recommend for our needs? As I said, we’d like to be able to speak to each other obviously, and I’d like to hard wire it into the bike rather than a battery pack powered thing. Currently looking at the Autocom Active-Duo 200 which I can get for about £120 – does this allow each person to listen to different things independently, e.g. the missus can have music on but it doesn’t come in through my helmet? On that note, do they usually have 1 headphone per person or two? I imagine music through one headphone would sound a bit rubbish!!Cheers!

have just replied on general but copied on here. i have fitted active duo on mine and it does do all you have said have been well chuffed with it but it won't have independent listening to pillion they hear what you do and very clearly. i did have problem with volume to start but then found out it was me who had put the earphones in the wrong place (blokes don't read instructions). now i have to keep volume low or its like a night said above you have to both listen to all in duo, each person has two earphones in the lid but i suppose you don't have put both in-line to your ears. if you both want to listen separately you may have to get two separate sets and use radio's to talk to each other but that will be fortunes or turn rider volume down lower that pillion (their independent you know on duo) so the music not so offending.

sparks - cheers for the reply. Have since found the Active Duo 300 for about £160 so have considered that, but we'll see!Out of interest, has anyone tried the Scala Rider Teamset? It's a bluetooth pair of headsets and looks brilliant - no wires to fiddle with everytime you get on and off the bike, plus the pillion or rider can have private or joint mobile phone calls - same with the radio!They're on amazon for about £120...

I've been using the Scala Rider Teamset for about 18 months now and am sort of happy with them. i somtimes  have a problem taking a call i can answer ok  but its as if it goes on mute  the other party can hear me but i cant hear them,this is intermitant.I can make calls no problem every time  .as an intercom they work excelent  , although we hated the VOX , there is no way of adjusting the sensativity of the vox and sometimes it is almost imposible to get it to opperate. So we use it in the mode "intercom on permanantly" we can get a full weekend out of them easy without a recharge, and we use them nearly every weekend plus weekdays too. when i use it for the phone only i go about a week between recharges, the battery life is unbelievable  .No music though , none of the phones i've had will transmit the music by bluetooth !!

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