Austria and Brno motoGP

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Austria and Brno motoGP

Hi All,

Trying to plan a summer tour to Austria, taking in the moto GP at Brno, but in a short space of time, so dan't want to spend time riding through France and Germany. In a previous issue of TWO, the guys used an auto train to cut out the long ride, but I'm buggered if I can find either the old mag, or the train on the internetworkweb. 

Has anyone else used such a train and where can I find the info.

Should I swap the Aprilia Falco for a KTM SMT to take to Austria?

Winter riding is great when the winds aren't 80mph!

The normal way was to use the Motorail service, it's only available in the Summer months normally, but I've just looked it up on the Interweb to find that there's no system running next year (2010) 'cos of the recession. There's an alternate system called autotrain, but I think you have to travel separately from the bike. If you Google @Motorail@ you should find it all there. Cheers

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