Atlantic Route and West Africa. Some Do's and Don'ts

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Atlantic Route and West Africa. Some Do's and Don'ts

on a F650 GS Dakar.


Take of the "Dakar" Decals. Quips of "Oi mate, Dakar's that way" soon get irritating.

Fit a headlight switch. This avoids every oncoming vehicle/pedestrian/goat telling you you've left the lights on.

Remember that September is still summer and it will get hot and wet.

Spend time in Bamako for R&R.

Go with the mad bikers in Nouakchott to the course they've built on the beach. It'll do your sand riding no end of good and give them much entertainment.


Try riding in sand on fully inflated and worn Siracs on a fully loaded bike. There's no "It'll be alright for now" about it. It's just dumb.

Forget to put your stand down when getting off at border posts.

Be tempted to press on. The harder you push, the harder the environment pushes back. It will win.

Use the Michelin 741 as a guide to road quality. It's generally wrong.

Forget to take at least some pictures.

Sociopath wrote

on a F650 GS Dakar.Dont:Forget to take at least some pictures.

Where are they then?

iansoady wrote

Where are they then?

Difficult to believe, but the BMW did get me here, with some work

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