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New to the site and must admit it looks to be a good one with good info so I was hoping someone could help me regards accomodation in and around Assen? Everywhere seems fully booked already.... Could anyone recommend anywhere????

Thanks Gary


No. Sorry about that, we wanting to stay in hotels/b+b's.

Well, the ONLY thing that I can suggest is that you look on, or Opodo Or Expedia keying in the dates you want, and hope that you find something that is not too far away.
Good Luck!

Cheers EssexWanderer. I've found a few places but was just wondering if anyone had any recommandations from where they have stayed previously. Trying to get somewhere fairly safe for the bikes as apparently it's renound for bike thiefts at Assen.

Sorry I can't be more specific, I did go to Assen once, and stayed somewhere pretty decent that was in a town not too far away (I think it was about 8 miles away). But, it was so long ago that I really can't remember where it was. I stayed in a 'Tulip' Hotel which is a Dutch Hotel chain, all their places are very nice and 'Golden Tulip' are their top class.
As we were a bit of a distance from the track, Bike security was not too much of a problem, However, take lots of good locks and chain your bike up to something solid. The more locks you put on it, the less tempting it is to those theiving scum.

Went to Assen this year.Stopped in a place called Zwolle approx 30k from the circuit. Small hotel in the centre of town cracking value, if I can find the name I will post it on here.Made a long weekend of it and went down to the ring after Assen, it p****d it down all the way into Germany, 6 hours on the autobahn.Worth it once we got there, the roads round the Nurburgring are awesome. 

Thanks very much Sprint1050. That hotel name would be appreciated please. I did the Nurburgring last year and your right the roads around that area are nearly as good as the Ring itself...

Groningen, I think, is just north of Assen.I always stay in Amsterdam and just ride up from there each day.

I'm thinking of going with MCi Tours - maybe doing a feature on BMW riders watching the first ever credible BMW WSB challenge...and a return to top flight road racing by the Germans in about 40 years...the deal's at the wwws mci dot com site Iguess..MCi are doing an all-inclusive ferry/accom/race ticket deal...they are staying in Gronignen, which is a nice enough place, the only decent sized town near Assen as I recall from going over there about 10 years ago...alastairw

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