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Around Scotland

Looking to go up the East coast (Ayrshire-Inverness-John O'Groats), along the North coast (Thurso-Durness), down the West coast (Unapool-Ullapool-Kyle of Lochalsh-Mallaig-Ayrshire) mid to end Sept-ish, but flexible.

4 days + 3 nights, anyone interested?

I think you'll find Ayrshire is on the West coast.....If you're only doing 4 days, give the North coast a miss, there's nowt there; barren, flat, featureless and no petrol stations. Go up through the Grampians, perhaps to somewhere nice like Dornoch, across to Ullapool (Riverside Hotel is good), across to the Isle of Skye, inland to somewhere on Loch Ness (Fort Augustus is good - much nicer than Fort William), then down to Ayrshire - or better still, somewhere in or around the New Galloway Forest. Sorted!

Be careful while in bonny jockland  The Scots invented hypnosis, chloroform and the hypodermic syringe. It's not like here in England where we find it's easier just to talk to women...and  don’t get all relaxed if you are a bloke  ...the Scots have a reputation for being "different" 

It's the midges you've got to worry about.
We only invented chloroform so we could get
Some sleep while being slowly drained of blood
By tiny invisible vampires.

Don't forget to take good weatherproofs and warm cloth's, I garantee you'll need them. Its a nice place to ride when the sun shines and  has far less people and traffic problems than south of the border.

Perth to Braemar, Braemar to Strathdon, Strathdon to Tomintoul, Tomintoul to Inverness.  Inverness to Ullapool.  Then Skye etc as suggested by Red.

come back last week after 4 days up there, pissed it down no stop from blackpool to fort william, our base. got up next day to it pissing down but had to ride to inverness one of the group had a nail in rear, got soaked going to fill up with petrol 500 yards away, and i mean soaked could'nt see the road surface for the rain bouncing of it, but just as we got the fort augustus out came the sun, had a brew there dried out and road one fantastic road up the side of loch ness to inverness, that road is a blinder. got to iverness sun still shining and after new rear tyre all blasted off up to ullapool a very very fast road, fish and chips in ullapool then ride over to Kyle of Lochalsh, by the way everyone we saw in ullapool was pissed and i mean everyone or is it the inter-breeding that makes them all look pissed? anyway started raining AGAIN! and got pissed wet all the way back to fort william. third day wow sunshine went to isle sky for a great day riding and it stayed dry, sky is awesome brilliant roads spent about 4 hours riding round sky, felt like a track day, great!As we rode over the bridge filtering thru the heavy traffic police we waiting and told us all to pull over to the side of the road all six of us, all thought we would get nicked for speeding, but it turned out a low-loader was just about to come round the corner with what looked like a piece of plane on its back, to massive relief we all rode back to fort William taking it nice and easy......... NOT! How can you on them roads? Last day woke up to yet more rain and it pissed it down all the way home, 9 hours of riding in the rain sorted but no doubt I’ll be doing it all again next year. OH YES!

i've also toured scotland, 4 weeks ago and it didn't rain!
went up to perth and then across through glencoe and up to fort william, then across to inverness and stayed the night.
2nd day went up the east coast to john o groats and across the top to thurso and stayed the night at deerness.
3rd day went down to ullapool and back to inverness.
4th day came down the coast and met my girlfriend at carnoustie and stayed the night at her mothers.
was on my own and really enjoyed it.
best road for me was deerness to ullapool,scenery was breathtaking and the roads were fantastic.
worst bit was the wasps,the front of my bike and leathers were covered and when i stopped they were everywhere.

so the rain can have its advantages, no wasps

if you need a base in scotland you wont go far wron here,its a good base for northern scotland and isle of skye.its super duper

Planning to spend a week touring Scotland this August. Anyone know how I can get my bike on a train from South of England to Scotland so I can spend the whole time up there? [Had no luck with rail enquiries in India!!!]

Don't think they do a train/vehicle thing anymore in the UK, suspect the only way to get here is ride it or sling it in the back of a van and drive that up

marjie (not verified)

Thanks for the info.

Toured the West and Esat coast of Scotland in late June, went to Fort William - Skye - Applecross - Ullapool - Scourie - Thurso and this was absolutely brilliant scenic, fast and traffic free. then went from Thurso - Dunnet Head - John O Groats - Inverness - Caingorms - Perth, from Thruso onwards there was always a lot of traffic not as scenic and to be honest no where near as good as the West coast.My advice is, go up the West coast to Thurso and as i suspect youll love it turn round and do the same route back, if you want a different route do the East coast but i expect youll regret it.Either way have a good journey and take skin so soft products (this was a tip from a local, available from Avon) this really does keep the mozzies at bay didnt use it last year and they drove me nuts this year no problem.

Hi All,I'm new to the site which was recommended by a friend.I'm looking to tour Scotland starting in mid august - up from the east coast, across the top and then down the west coast of Scotland / Wales / England to Lands End and back to London.I guesstimate this will cover around 2500+ miles and around 10/12 days.I shall also be stepping outside of my 'comfort zone' and camp.Have any of you done this before ?What problems might I encounter ?And I've also been told about the Bugs ! (how bad a problem is this as i am definite mozzy fodder)Currently going solo... so if anyone fancy's going also, drop me a line.

Get "smidge" apparently it's almost 100%
successful ,isn't slimy/smelly either
I've done alot of the west coast and highlands
You can't really go wrong,could easily spend
4 days doing the best bits

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The midges are a serious nuisance but there are a variety of remedies. They are most active at dawn and dusk. If you are camping hang the sweatiest sock you can find outside the tent. They are attracted by the butyric acid in sweat.

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