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Anyone hired a bike in Norway?

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Anyone hired a bike in Norway?

With the demise of the direct ferry from Newcastle and the massive prices if you get lucky on the freight service or even the Harwich = Ejsberg route I am thinking maybe I will fly in and rent a bike.

 Anyone recommend anywhere?  I've googled every permatation I can think of but get no where, I'm sure you can land in Oslo and get hooked up pretty quickly but I'd rather get something sorted before getting there.


I seem to remember there being a big motorbike shop in Kristiansand, close to the Ferry Port, that did rentals, but it's at least 6 years since I was in Norway, so I can't remember the name or anything, sorry (but it DOES prove that they're out there!!).I did find a website by a Norwegian biker, and it does have a link for his e-mail, the site is all in Norwegian, so I don't understand it, but perhaps it's worth you contacting this guy, with luck he might understand English, and be able to help you - from his site it is clear that he is keen on Touring at least: you go about half-way down the page I have listed, you will find this:send meg en mail!Which, I think, is fairly self explanatory.The ONLY other thing that I can think of for you to do is to contact HC Travel, who carry an extensive worldwide list of places where you can rent bikes and tour: luck, the demise of the Newcastle ferries is quite a downer eh??

Cheers pal...Waitiing to hear from HC, yeah its right royal pain no Newcaslte

Found this one on google - not sure if HD is to your tasteHarley Davidson Rental Norway ASRaschs vei 4A1178 Oslo, Norway+47 900 63 900No web site unfortunately but most Norwegians I have met have spoken good English - most have been very rich too!

Found a few more - Arctic Harley seem well up for this sort of thing - even with a few suggested routes (with or without a guide). May be a bit cold up there but if you are used to Newcastle Have fun!

I investigated this a few weeks back and found these guys in Oslo:You should find most of the info needed at our rentalpages - also in English- by clicking at the rental star on our frontpage.Eventually you can go directly to the page here:[u][/u]You are most welcome to rent our bikes - please do you requests via thewebpage or directly to our rental department at:[u][/u]*******************************Med vennlig hilsen / Best regardsBjørnar HansenLazy Boyz Harley-Davidson AST: +4722907800 F: +4722907801Direct: +4722907802W: [u][/u]E: /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]]

Nice one guys I'll check those 2 out

Hey guys. There's a newly started company all the way up in Kiruna, Sweden which is less than a couple of hours away from Narvik.

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