125cc for touring

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125cc for touring

looking for advice on a bike to do my 2800 mile round trip. Has to be a 125! I don't want a Honda Varadero so a bike other than that please??

motozieltour (not verified)

You can try Ducati Scrambler ICON. I think this will be good for you

125cc tourer

I have a Lexmoto Michigan. I have had 4 back operations and find this a really comfortable ride. Cruiser style bike

A post 2007 Cbr 125. Very

A post 2007 Cbr 125. Very light, reliable bike and returns 120mpg. A 2800 miles trip is piece of cake for the cbr. Unfortunately I cannot give you the link, but if you type in to google "honda cbr 125 from alaska to florida" you'll get to the info you need.

CBF125 or Anything

My girlfriend and I toured The Netherlands on our 125s. I have a CBF125 now with 65,000 miles on the clock and my gf's Keeway RKS125 has 23k on it.
Full story here... http://bikesandtravels.com/biker.aspx?ride=889

Not sure I'd want to, but CBF125/CB125F

I owned a CBF125 and it was a great little bike. Brilliant around town and absurdly economical and cheap to run.

However, I can't really imagine doing 2800 miles on it unless you're going to do it over a series of slow/short legs. They struggle to reach national speed limits, even without the luggage you'd need to take on tour, and need to be thrashed to keep up that kind of pace (not good for the rider or bike). While great around town, they're not so safe at higher speeds and more difficult to ride than bigger bikes on open roads.

If your reason for it having to be a 125 is due to license restrictions, is it feasible to take your test to ride something bigger? Even on an A2, presuming you're in the UK, that would open the option of 300c or even a handful of 500cc without restriction, up to 800cc with a restrictor fitted, making this kind of trip is a very different proposition.

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