1000 mile on 50cc

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1000 mile on 50cc

Ok, need some help.

I'm planning on riding from Liverpool to Barcelona this summer on a 50cc scooter. Ideally looking at a classic model and plan to replace parts to improve the spec and condition of the bike. The trip is approx. 1000 miles and I plan to travel over two weeks at 70 miles a day. This works out as around 3.5 hours of riding at 20mph a day on the bike.

Is this feasible?! Anyone done anything like it before? Am I pushing the bike to much or can I push it more?

The idea of this journey is to take me time, discover and learn about France and see the beautiful country. Going nowhere slowly but seeing all the sites! I'm meeting around 5-10 friends in Barcelona who are all traveling around individually and meeting in mid July!

Any advice?

Thanks Dan



Nice plan.  I would say you can do more milage and go faster. Old 50cc's are tough. Just keep a hand on the engine and when it gets hot stop for an hour and let it cool. 

Thanks raf!

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