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Yamaha dt125x

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Yamaha dt125x

Hi guys! I was recently about to re jet my carb on my yamah dt125x and I am 100% sure that the stock main jet size is 210. Once I opened the carb I saw a main jet size 75? It said 75! I had ordered jets from 180 to 290. (Mikuni) and the 180 size was waaaay larger than the existing jet so now I'm thinking how is this possible? Anyone got an idea?

The bike is running great (slightly lean but still very good)


Decent power.

Yamaha DT125 is learner friendly and ideal for setting you up for the subsequent stage up in bicycles. The motor revs freely and has great power all through the gears. The brakes have a pleasant vibe and can convey you to a speedy stop if necessary as well. The taking care of is great when on twisty streets.

This is exactly what I’ve

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It solved very quickly the problem I was having

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