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Epilepsy and Motorcycling

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Epilepsy and Motorcycling

Anyone on here have any experience of returning to motorcycles after having seizures

Never came across one

well, this is definitely an important topic. But i have not come across any such event as such.

Returning to Driving/ Riding after having seizures

After notifying the DVLA that you have had a seizure you will have your license suspended for 1 year.
After 1 year you will then need to re-apply, and a license will only be issued if your Epilepsy has remaned stable (no petit mal seizures also). And you have not changed your medication within that period.
If all is well you will be issued with a 3 year license... If you've passed your full Cat A test then there is no difference, you just have to re-apply after 3 years.
After 3 years you will then be issued a 5 year license. You will also have to disclose all of this to your insurance company, but as long as the DVLA are aware of your condition they shouldn't bump your premium up.
Remember to keep all dates written down (when medication was first started, when you last saw specialist etc) as after 3 years comes around and you can't find these dates... it's a right PITA!
Hope this helps

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