Accident, claim and payout troubles

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Accident, claim and payout troubles

I was knocked off of my bike a month ago, someone changed lanes on an A road and turned into me. The personal injury claim seems to be fine however the bike repairs have been one problem after the other. Im sorry that this is so long but if anyone can give any advice I would be really grateful.  

My insurers gave me a bike repair company to use 4th Dimension they rang me a few weeks ago and said if we leave a few minor repairs off then the bike will not be a write off but would be a cat D, however if we include the repairs we will have to declare it a write off. I said ok leave the minor repairs and I will have the bike back. 

I get a phone call a week later and they say the other party insurance has declared the bike a write off so they will either give me £2,000 and the bike back or £3,000 and scrap the bike. I said ok I will take the £3,000 and you scrap the bike.

I then got a cheque for £2,000, I rang 4th Dimension and say I thought I was getting £3,000 and scrap the bike? They said the insurers didn’t want the bike so they gave you £2,000 we will give you the extra and essentially buy the bike from you.

I then get a call today and they say we need the courtesy bike and documents of you bike, I said you haven’t paid me for my bike yet why would I sign it over to you plus I work you have to come at weekend, they said leave the bike outside your house, hide the key nearby, put your bikes documents in there and we will pick it up whilst you are at work. I said no way I am not giving you the documentation for my bike until you have paid for my bike, he said ok the main office will ring you today……. And they haven’t. I have tried calling and calling but no one picks up, I sent an email explaining the whole situation and telling them that I have been given no info on what is best for me. a pick up guy for 4th dimension rang me today letting me know he would pick up the courtesy bike as agreed, I told him that when we spoke I said get head office to call me and explain what is going on and I will, they didnt so I havent left the bike outside my house. He got annoyed and said I will get the head office to ring you, and of course they havent !!!! 

I researched them today and there is loads of dodgy stories about them on the internet, they are called 4th Dimension, I don’t know if I should say look just give me the bike back and I will fix privatley and sell it or what, any thoughts???

Thanks for mentioning all

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