Track day piccy

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Track day piccy

Me at cadwell, having loads of fun:burnout:


I thought you weren't allowed on a track with a clear visor

Hello there,Looks to me as if that picture was taken on the MCN track day that coincided and was part of the spring spectacular at Skegness.Look at my signature pic, same corner, probably same day.Were you there, did you enjoy the weekend ?

it was taken yesterday on a track evening event with tracksense,I rekon the pic was taken on the entry to the gooseneck.I thought the bike coped pretty well on the track,specially when i was flying past alot of decent sportsbikes :burnout: Top fun

Adders is going to Mallory on the 10th, I am going to try to be the official photographer/filmer. Hope to get some good pix up here soon.

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