" This is me at Cadwell Park "

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" This is me at Cadwell Park "

Hello, this is me on my Gixer at Cadwell.

What amazes me, is that I actually look quite dood, eh ?

I want one of those pictures..............Hang on, I do have one of those - I host it for you As I said before - Bloody good picture m8. I need to get the one posted of me pulling my first intended wheelie my mate took today.When I get a bit more experience I'll do a track day. Maybe next year - Hopefully I'll get some good photos of that.

Where does the kneedown come into it?

The knee could not be more up!!Are you on a bend or the straight?

I have some pictures of me at Donnington.........And I ain't got me knee down either, so if he can do it so can I When I can find the bloody things

If a fat old wobbler like me can do it...Anyone can.

yeah but it's not on the ground is it Nige......

On the way up mate...on the way up....

that then nige?

That was Snetterton, Corams I think, in '99.Loved the bike, ZX6R G1.Despite being landed with me on it, it just revelled in it all...14000rpm each gear change...I'd have another in a shot.

Nah, you want one of these mate!Much better handling, loads more grunt!!

Never tried a J.Are they really that much better than a G?

All the same plus points but better.nothing majorly different, just tweaks all round make a much better bike. I had a G1 a G2 and now a J1 and it was worth the swap. (it was the 24K miles in a year on the G2 that swung it tho! )

Just for your information.Knee Down God, is my nickname and not the title fo the picture.Also i would just like to add that at the point the photo was raken I was just turning into the right hander before the back straight at Cadwell. Knee down ensued a couple of laps later once I had got into the groove !!!!!!!

Good man

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