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  im looking for a centre stand and rear swin arm  for a suzuki gs 750 1978 if anyone knows of of would be great to hear from you /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]mcarthur15@supanet]smcarthur15@supanet .com thanks

Like the GS..Here's my Honda, taken today in sunny Snowdonia. 

My New Fazer! Picked it up today.

New r6, picked up today too  Gotta work this aft though so itchin to get out there

GSXR 750 K6

here  my 2 practice bikes in there new 08 look .here are the my race bikes 2 that will have there new look stickers soon

My Yellow Bike...

Love the yellow..... painted mine recently. 

Well, here's mineand one wi the Chunky Chap

My first bike

where's the sun? 

Out today  into work tomorrow

my old faithfullmy new baby, daytona 675se

Me and my Bike at Brands this Week...!

One of mine in the Spanish sun.

this is mine not big but serves its purpose and makes me smile as i fly past rush hour traffic.itis a honda 125 s-wing 600 miles an still liking my days out ,comfy economical,90mpg.and still not that bad really.

                    This is my ST1050 overlooking Crickhowell in Wales.......lovely!!

Here's a pic of my Pan European.

Go on I give up how do I get the pic to show??

Pans are notoriously shy.


ah well, it was a nice pic, but I cannae upload it!!!!

went for a scooter ride in the forest of dean with some new friends.29 in all

heres my latest line up R1 thats up for sale, gsxr750, cbr gullarm 600and the stepsons aprillia 125

Nice. I really like the Gullarm 600, this is a project that I would like to do. How difficult is it to plant the 600 motor in?

wish i knew i bought it all ready done apparently the steel framed 600 cbr engine goes straight in all i can see thats different on mine is the front engine mounts but thats it

its great fun tho'

my 125

Sold the CBF600 for my CBR600fm... and.. Just had to have this.... MZ Baghira Black Panther... gives me huge grins

comming to a trackday soon me on thhe gsxr my mate on the cbr

Just for all the other old folks on here.

The Duke and on track The K5 And in action And the K1 In action

thats a nice load of bikes you got there harry i thought i was lucky!

My old jelly mould,my first real bike for nearly 10 years...think i want a naked though so this might be for sale shortly don't tell the wife ffs

My new one

Ktm didnt last long i didnt like it one bit so ive got myself another vtr 1000

heeey i have a suzuki rg 125 33bhp wolf heres a video of it with new twin head lamps sorry poor camera still here:

good evening ladies and new to this are my rides.

Currently riding 2000/1 Blade.

I have one R15  V2.


Hey, hiiii friends...... i like your post.......

 This here's my Sheene GSXR 600 SRAD.....nice innit?


Very nice Elliekitty.

 Took ownership of her this evening. Got my license tuesday, so here is hoping I pass and can ride her!

Nice. a colleague at work got one about 6 weeks ago.....loves it.

i hope you fail

Nah I passed. Already doubled her milage!

congrats Wayne.

My 2001 1000:          


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