Olivers Mount photos 12/7/09

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Olivers Mount photos 12/7/09










Some good shots there mate, i mechanic for Keith Pringle we were having a good weekend until the Cock of the North race when he got shunted off at Mere hairpin from the start and took out Ian Lougher.   Still cant beat the mount can ya.

that's real road racing.great pics thug.

not as good as yours thug but i only used a cheap point and press. cracking racing considering the field was poor. Daniel frear is a star in the making and glad he's on competetive machinery this year. roll on the gold cup. 60th anniversary so should be good. 

A year ahead of yourself Jenko, it`s the 59th this year

Nope clash this is the 60th running of the Gold cup.  It first ran in 1950.  that makes this years the 60th time its been run. 

up to you steve but we can either stop in whitby in caravan and go out into town or camp at olivers mount and get pissed there. see what the boss says. was good weekend like.

how much is camping???  i'd prefer caravan in Whitby as we get a ride out and i've never been on the piss round Whitby!!!

just checked the Auto 66 website and they reckon its the 59th when this is the 60th time the race has run!!!!  A bit confusing.  check out www.oliversmount.com and click on Gold Cup.  there are 59 winners of the cup from 1950 posted at the bottom of the Gold cup history page???  Someones got it wrong, but don't know who!!

probally me and you, nowt new there. whitby good for me, cracking night. sort it near the time.

just looked in the programe from the weekend and its the 59th steve henshaw gold cup this year. i told you ! lol.

Found out why its the 59th Gold Cup and not the 60th.  The race was cancelled in 1982 due to weather conditions!!!  So its the 60th anniversary of the Gold Cup but the 59th time the actual Gold Cup race will be run.

Feel the drive in the photos!

Feel the drive in the photos! Cool!

Good flicks

great pictures, just looking at them got me adrenaline rushing.

Awesome shots mate!

These are some awesome close-up shots you have got there mate!

Some Cool Bike photos here

Some Cool Bike photos here with some awesome guys :D Love this album :D . Thanks to the photographer who are taking those awesome clicks :D We love it ;)

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