me and my 12

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me and my 12

ok, so here's some to have a larf at!

CHAOS wrote

Nice can, nice bike, nice sunny day, nice...........

well thank you sir....Nice

'kin nice bike m80.

Top bike M8. If I ever graduate from the 6R, this looks like one mean mother to consider

Where did you get and what make is your lid? Had a run on a 12 today --- FECKIN QUICK!!!!!!!

Juanglad you liked your ride up the mountain on the 12, shame your not gonna buy, i just had to have one after riding one.the lid is a US Simpson 'Super Bandit', it's not road legal in the UK (no BS sticker), but fuck it, it's a cool lid and so far, i've not been hassled by the filth.i got the lid about 5 years ago from a stand at the NEC bike show, and to my knowledge, there are only two importers of Simpson lids now, one is R.S.M, Whitegate, White Lund Trading Estate, Morecambe, Lancashire. LA3 3BS phone 01524 844066 fax 01524 841 813. The other is at Brands Hatch.regardsps i'll try and post an image of it tomorrow.

Juanhere's some pics of me Bandit lid

Looking at that piccy makes me want a ZX12 even more!!Why o why wont they insure me on one? o well...Nice lid by the way!!

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