Here you go Ben, your off road thumper

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Here you go Ben, your off road thumper

Peed off

what a bike..... I shall hunt her down.

thats fucking mad !!!!!!!!single cylinder ?what size is that baby ?cool as ! 6x9.5inpower: 40hpmax revs: 800minmax speed: 9 mphtwo stroke diesel- no valvegear- direct injection (Aprilia!!!!!)Starts by hand crank and decompressor or special Marshall shotgun blank (very little wadding).....Bit pricey though, they are much sought after tractors- about 3 grand for a decent one(hmmm not so bad!). I can't acces the sounds here mate, please report back what you think!

aren't these the ones where you had to heat the cylinder with a blowtorch before starting it?

That's pretty impressive HP for an old tractor. Why hasn't 2/s diesel been developed?BTW, the so slightly like my last bike. But quieter.

U sad f#ckers!...Oh ... I've just heard the sounds & am getting drawn in ... aggghh ...

Gaz, ever seen tractor pulls on Sky?Anything but sad. 7X7 litre Chevvy lumps, all working, all on one tractor, all driven by a turnip munching redneck.Scaaaaaary Here's one. Turbine powered oi thinks.Damned fine use of fossil fuels.

Yes, I have seen those on SKY - rip roaring fun!Ok ... I'm converted, where do I get one for commuting?

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