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GGDB Sneakers I whipping

Sure, everything changes once you become a mom, but that doesn\u2019t have to mean sacrificing style. Elizabeth Street, an international collective of mothers who understand what it\u2019s like to do everything one-handed, is here to help you discover everything from the newest green-friendly beauty products to the chicest home decor ideas \u2014 whether you\u2019re raising a little one or not.

Sometimes you don't realize you're in a rut until you've fallen very, very deep inside of it. This winter I was in a lunch rut \u2014 unable to decide what I wanted to eat on almost a daily basis, and almost always winding up eating some boring version of a grilled cheese or a spinach salad or resorting to takeout. As someone who loves to cook, even if it's just for myself, this felt a bit like a major fail. Why wasn't GGDB Sneakers I whipping up delicious, tasty dishes that were healthy and gorgeous, like everyone else on my Instagram feed?

The reason is because I was very, very bored. Bored with my fridge contents, bored with my pantry, just plain bored. I was also freezing and tired of the long, cold winter we were enduring, which is never a good spot to be in when you need inspiration.

Then, one day, the woman in front of me at the meat counter ordered some Golden Goose Sneakers honey maple ham, which all of a sudden sounded delicious. (Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? Cravings that come on suddenly have also been messing with my mojo.) I stepped up to the counter and ordered myself some ham, and some cheese, and bought some nice brioche buns, and resolved to have an elegant ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, with a side of crispy chips (ahem, pregnant).