garaged / pampered bike pictures -wanted

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garaged / pampered bike pictures -wanted

Once seen a picture in a magazine off a chap who had a carpeted raised plynth at the back off his garage which held a very nice and very clean ducati 996 !! garage was done out lovely, with framed bike prints etc. even had small bags off silica crystals in each corner to soak up any moisture in the air !! anyone else fancy sharing there garage pictures off similar set ups ??

Always did fancy putting my bike on a raised plynth at the rear off the garage with some off that chequered alloy plate for it to sit on !! ideas eh !! life would be a whole lot easier and cheaper without them !!

I know a guy who's got all the Ducati framed pictures in his garage. He made a ramped set up so he can polish his Duc without bending over. The garage is like an operating theatre.I do believe that he doesn't even change his own oil though. Thoughts of a spotless museum type garage evaporated for me as soon as I moved all my junk in and started working on my bikes. It's cluttered with stuff everywhere and that's the way it's staying

I'm sad too. My garage is carpeted and heated when its too cold Got to treat my little babies nicely I have too many bikes and not enough space some have to stay at work Will take a piccy sometime........but the carpet is pink

no carpet I'm afraid but I did put in some new lights at the weekend so they will be better illuminated, and of course the obligatory heater for when it's parky out

boinged for Thud

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