World Superbikes and Supersport demise

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World Superbikes and Supersport demise

Why is World Superbike and also World Supersport grids so poor I counted around 20 riders in both events over the last couple of rounds. This cant be good for the series. Our club meetings in UK do better than that without the TV worldwide coverage and sponsorship involved. Our Donington round in May was very poorly supported I would say the worst crowd for a big event in UK this year. I cant see it being better next year at this rate despite the UK riders doing there bit at the front of the races.

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I enjoyed supersport more

I enjoyed supersport more than WSB last year and signed up to Eurosport's on demand service because I'm always busy at weekends when the live broadcast goes out. But, I gave up and cancelled my subscription because Eurosport player displays the results right next to the videos of the races! That killed it for me.

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