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Hi , i have a ZZR1400 2007, where can i get a manual for it. Haynes dont do one, Clymer dont do one. Also got a power commander on the way for it, do the 2007 bikes have a o2 sensor cause i cant find one on mine. I currently have pipwerx carbon cans and link pipes which make a big diffence to the power, but wanna squeeze out more power. Pair valve blank off kits .....? Good idea....? when i used the blank off kit on my CBR1100xx made better performance. What other things can i do to make it faster without doing cams and that. Just standard engine. Also makes a camchain rattle on start up.. Anything to worry about.... ? Ive red up quite a few do this........
Thanks in Advance Chris


Add a performance air filter, fit the Power Commander Use Super Unleaded and have it Custom mapped. Losing Weight from the bike will also help.

Can get the ECU Flashed! dont

Can get the ECU Flashed! dont need a power commander, takes off 02 sensor, topend restrictor and she'll fly like a M*ther F*

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