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What's the best computer game then?

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What's the best computer game then?

Two categories I feel.....Console Games and PC Games. Please specify the genre and say why you think they're so good.

My votes are:

PC Game: Descent 1,2 and (less so) 3. Genre is a cross between flight sim and FPS. First two versons were fanatastic addictive fast-paced action shooters, challenging enough to be rewarding when you made it through, but not so challenging as to be not fun. 3 is lusher graphics and more sophisticated gameplay and storyline, but its lost some of the simple addictive formula of the first two.

Console: Gotta be Halo on the X-Box. Space-alien type FPC. Huge environment, with lush graphics. Coherent compelling story and outstanding multi-player and online options.

Pongor maybe Tetris

So am I the only one sad enough to care?

GRAN TURISMO 1,2 & 3all three are great games, the gameplay is good the graphics are good, and who else can say that they own a Aston martin DB7 coupe as well as an RS200, subaru impreza WRC and a Toyota GT1 le mans super car? :burnout:

trogladyte wrote

So am I the only one sad enough to care?

probably.(this Post sponsored by Carlsbrag, probably the best Danish ego in the universe)

No, I am just so many years out of date that I am embarassed, matey! Space Invaders, & Gorf! [Anorak Mode]TOCA, Doom & Panzer General on Playstation ICaptive, Realms & No Second Prize on Atari ST Too many on PC to list really.....I like the WWII sims best!Nige :smoke:

ps2 medal of honour-front line,outstanding.

Moto GP on the x box is not bad. I may get quite good at it if Hedonist doesnt kick me out of Biker Den first.What a top customer area!:burnout:

On the PC it'sa contest between Medal of Honour: Allied Assault and IL-2 Sturmovik

PC - Half Life.kept me amused for weeks

windychris wrote

PC - Half Life.kept me amused for weeks

Halflife hasnt been topped yet....

PC - MOHAA kicks ass. Just downloaded America's Army: Recon, but so far unimpressed

PC - Half life still excellent - Get really involved in Command and Conquer/Red Alert too - play them until finishedPS2 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 - Think I'm a frustrated skater. Had to play until finished it with all 25 characters

Never bothered with a console but I'm still dying loads on a PC playing Tribes 1

TFC is still good, i quite liked red faction too but the modders just turned into a joke. haven't found many other games which grip me but i've bought a fair few. will have to give MOH a go by the sound of it

sidecar_jon wrote

Halflife hasnt been topped yet....

Well....I quite like HalfLife...but I think Halo on the XBox is a much better game. And I've just started DEUS EX on the PC, which is different, but at least as good I'd say. No, actually, its better.


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