What was your first bike?

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What was your first bike?

We all like to talk about our first ever bike. Here's a picture of mine. Well, it's not that exact AR125 I owned aged 17 but an identical one I bought years later in a fit of nostalgia. 

What was yours? Show us a pic if you can. It can't be worse than an AR. 

First bike.

My first bike was a FS1E DX DISC BRAKE in canary yellow as i recall cost me £265 new ,never let me down.

Honda CB175T, white and blue.

Honda CB175T, white and blue. Bit of a dog actually, but it got me started.


Actually I was lying. Before the AR I had one of these but I don't like to talk about it.

First bike

a cbr 125 2001

First Bike

A brand new 1975 Yamaha YB100, once famously described as a 'FS1E on steroids', a beautiful red colour but not an elegant or even attractive motorcycle however it took me to my work on a farm daily, reliably and at weekends all over Devon and Cornwall. My dad lent me the money and I paid him back weekly from my £30 a week wages (those were the days eh?). Eventually I rode it from my home in Cornwall to Agricultural College in Maidenhead in one incredibly painful day and then sold it for a DT175. Still riding a Yamaha today.....TDM900

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