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Wemoto - happy customer

Had ordered new caliper seals for my CBR6 from the above, paid half the price the Honda dealer wanted and as such was expecting a pattern part, but no the genuine Honda branded parts have arrived - nice one!

Hmmm only thing left is to cobble, I mean carefully assemble, everything back together now

Agreed, great set of lads down there.

I have used Wemoto many times, for both items they carry as stock and items that need to be put on special order.Everytime they have exceeded my expectations, great company, open, honest and not afraid to admit they have made a mistake and fix it.

Aye, they're bonza. Deliver unexpectedly quickly too.

They are good. I was sent a mirror that turned out to be a cheap chinese copy, but they then sent me sparks x 4 + oil filter as an apology for the lousy mirror. They will definately get my business again!

Another thumbs up for them from me.Great prices and very quick delivery!

Yeah, ive had a couple of bits of them without any fuss.

I used them reguarly for a few years. Top firm. Helpful, knowledgable and very prompt. Wish there were more suppliers like them.

Whenever and whatever I order from them always turns up quick and in excellent packing, easier than going to my local dealers.

Pukka blokes never heard a bad word.

High level sell all of those genuine parts that shops like wemoto n co stock.Next time you buy something from your main dealer chances are they are getting it this way for way less than they are charging you for 'genuine' parts.R1 calipersFireblade clocksCBR6 regulators etc its all available and from the same factories, we even ordered a hi-level gasket kit for an old Honda and it came in a Honda packet as genuine spares.*not a dig at wemoto btw

i've been using wemoto for the last 2 yrs. top people, and top service...i ordered rear pads at 13:00hrs , next day they were there....they're my parts provider of choice

IIIrd wrote (see)

i've been using wemoto for the last 2 yrs. top people, and top service...i ordered rear pads at 13:00hrs , next day they were there....they're my parts provider of choice

So have the OPs on this thread

A satisfied customer, we should have him stuffed!

i make sure they are the first shop i go to when looking for bike bits. Always had top service from them.

Alan Haskins (not verified)

Another thumbs up for Wemoto here. Top bods.

Great people... I am on other side of europe,and I was pleasantly suprised when my lever and fork seals came earlyer than I expected..THANKS..WERY GOOD STORE..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS..!!!


Madjo wrote (see)

Great people... I am on other side

You know Halloween can’t be far away when customers from the other side start appearing.

On behalf of all* of us down at Wemoto-on-sea, thanks for the praises, from a small cog in the machine (quite a small machine, and probably made by Triumph, with 3 cylinders** ).  Some of the guys and gals on the shop floor don't use t'internet. If you're really chuffed with the service (and yes we will really try our very best to get you that RC30 intake valve to Svalbard by the fastest means known to modern man(some geezer on an NTV made out of 30% gaffa tape, probably), and want to make someone's day, drop a message at hug wemoto as a "General Enquiry". That way it'll be put on the notice board  where even the luddites can see it  I'm heading to Devil's Dyke on me Viffer, wish you were here, gotta love volcanic pollution, the sunset ROCKS!  Ride safe, Evile. *I in no way represent the opinions or operations of Wemoto any of is subsidiaries or magic pixie children.** Actually the boss rides a divvy 900

Very Helpful bunch of lads,Had to wait a couple of days until they got the stuff I needed in Stock.But despatched promptly ones they got it. Most certainly will do business again with Wemoto.

Aye used them myself and they are good at what they do

Simply amazing service. Ordered a front brake disc, and it arrived in Portugal a few days later. It's so nice to know that there is a good supplier out there. Thanks so much guys. I'll be using you loads in the future.

Hi everyone, I'm new around here, not tryin' to advertise Wemoto but only wanting to let you know wemoto.ro now has online tech support usually available until midnight, right on top of the front page. I run my own workshop since many years and usually I'm the guy to answer any qustions. Please be patient (we like to disect engines) and always remember I'm not a native english speaker.

Oh yea my first stop for bits

I think there ab awful company had a bad experience with them the first time I ever purchased anything from them...so would not use again and there customer services is totally awful.....so I'm afraid not all good

Excellent, I live in Canada which seems to be a black hole if you need to get anything slightly usefully if at all possible and then at a ridiculous price. Needed a 14t sprocket for a CBR 125, called across the whole country and no one could supply it, they are made by JT an American company, went to Wemoto, they have it in stock and it was here in a week, it only took that long because Canada Post is so slow. Thanks Wemoto.

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