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Hi all. I have just read in the MCN that the NOx limit for the ULEZ for motorcycles, is 0.15. If bike is at this level or lower, it will be exempt. Regardless of age. All euro 3 bikes should pass ok. (up to 2006). I have read bikes have to be 2008 onwards to pass. I really don't want to sell my 2004 fazer 1000. Does anyone know of an emission list for motorcycles? Or how to get the emissions measured? Cheers Coleshere.

I don't know of an emissions

I don't know of an emissions list but I would perhaps check with my local MOT station to see if the emissions could be measured. I'm currently applying to TFL for my bike (2005 K4 GSXR-600) to be exempt as the NOx limit on my V5 is marginally (0.04g/km) lower than the maximum capped limit so wish me luck!

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