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Nige here, I was a member before but couldn't log in due to forgotten email addy, ah well, back now.
I'm after a recommendation if that's ok. I have been reborn for a second time into biking on my 65th birthday. I bought an old Virago 535 to tootle about on when it's warm and sunny, yes I know, fairweather biker LOL But I seem to have a problem with trousers Gromit....
I'm only 5'7" and thinnish except I now have a pot belly and I can manage to get into 44" jeans as long as they hang below my gut, inside leg is only about 28" and every pair of motorbike overtrousers that will fit my waist are a foot too long with the armour hanging down below my knees.....can anyone recommend a brand of Jeans or whatever that caters for shortish people with beer guts?
Thanks in advance


hi nige i have the the same problem as you pot belly and a short arse if it jeans you looking for i recomend going here they cater for your size.these jeans are what i use hope it helps you.

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