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The Keeley Consulting Group's Idea of the Holistic Life

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The Keeley Consulting Group's Idea of the Holistic Life


Anyone who has worked in a bank, or any private company, for that matter, knows how work can take on a big toll on one's life and health. A five-day-a-week, eight-hour-a-day work-and-no-fun-within can practically drain out the life juices unless one has an outlet to balance out the equation somehow. But wouldn't it be great if work already had the fun within in order to come out of the battlefield still smiling and eager to do another day's fight the following day?


This might seem too idealistic or fanciful for some; but a company, such as The Keeley Consulting Group, is actually already doing it. All-business or all-work-and-no-fun no longer appeals in the modern business world as it has always had in the past. Business leaders know what people look for in their life and in their jobs and providing the avenues for people to express themselves more fully in their work takes nothing more than providing the balance that they need and look for in other areas of their life.


Rare though it may seem for people or companies in business to talk of work and fun in one breath, it is an important principle that has been neglected for so long. Attaining balance is a natural law that we humans cannot break without disrupting the essential cycles that engender order and success in our lives and within our communities.


So, how do we attain this balance? Often, people are so focused on the present without any regard to what could happen in the future. Workaholics tend to think that work is the primary thing while forgetting that work is a means toward a greater goal; which is providing opportunities for majority of people to enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed – yes, even while you are working, not just after you finish your work. Factories that make toys should be the first to exhibit the fun and thrill of making toys instead of being the sweatshops that many might imagine them to be. Imagine Santa's elves lazily and unsmilingly working to beat Old Saint Nick's Christmas Eve's deadline as if they were underpaid, sleepless slaves. What kind of real fun would that bring to the kids and even the grown-ups of this world?


Well, to be jolly at work might be asking too much of workers; but it could do a lot of good if we had half of Santa's fun at work, especially if it helps to make work worth doing and, as a result, more efficient. Training people to look at work and finding ways to achieve balance is precisely one of the challenges put forward by The Keeley Consulting Group to its training participants. Ultimately, it is the individual who can determine how to establish that balance in one's work life. It is a matter of having the right attitude to find the balance between work and fun within the specific circumstances of a particular business environment.


One needs to realize that this balance we seek is not a product of culture or of trial-and-error. It arises from developing one's sensitivity to the opportunities that allow a person to integrate the requirements of one's work (what the company expects) and one's personal needs (what one expects from the work). In general, people tend to look primarily at the monetary gain when they take on a job, although other factors do come in. Certainly, there are people who do not mind doing dirty work as long as they have freedom to work outside of an office or some other perks. But in the business world, the options may seem limited that finding opportunities for real fun becomes tough. Still, this is where one's creativity comes in. And The Keeley Consulting Group has had many years of experience in dealing with the nuances of making people see opportunities of growth and productivity while n

 This is a wonderful way of bringing business closer to the heart of the people! It's not all about money or profit but having an enjoyable yet fulfilling life.

Great take on achieving balance in life. Wish that more business people would follow your approach.

Culture, in general, is the missing ingredient in much of the business world. I mean the culture that enlivens and gives personality to what we do at work. Not just a way of doing things but a way of spicing up all aspects of our life.

Creativity is often seen as a way of making things efficient. No, it is a way of doing things so that you keep doing it as if you were having the greatest time of your life. Like singing a song. If we could work and feel like we were making music, what a happy, productive world this would be!

Did we ever have the desire to go into an office and "enjoy" looking at how people worked on their desks? Maybe during coffee break or during a Christmas party. Why not? Because work is work and fun is fun. There is a need for us to find a balance, within and without.

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