Taking your bike test in Cyprus

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Taking your bike test in Cyprus

Prior to leaving Cyprus in 2002 I thought I'd take advantage of the rather relaxed motorcycle tests.

The test takes the form of two parts:

The Practical

1. Slalom through 8 traffic cones
2. Ride in between two lines that that form an ever decreasing circle, get to the centre, turn around and ride back out.
3. Ride out of the test centre (using hand signals) turn left (now out of sight of the examiner who is smoking his fags) turn around and ride back to the examiner.
4. The emergency stop (on gavel) apparently the longer the skid the better :burnout:

Time 4 minutes

Hang around for 5 minutes waiting for an examination room

The Theory

1. Answer 10 highway code questions (get 2 wrong) Costas explains the mistakes I've made and hands me my Cypriot bike licence.

Total time taken: 11 minutes
Total cost: £150 for short notice test and 3 days bike hire

On returning to the UK I promptly exchange said licence for full UK licence

Infanteers! Cheeky remf bastard.

Sean carter what a dude

i guys i have been riding on a cbt for 2 years is it right that can i take a holiday to cyprus go do my full bike test and its valid in uk any info would be gratful guys thanks

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