Spending money on myself (cos i'm shell-fish)

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Spending money on myself (cos i'm shell-fish)

If you were being made redudndamt what would you spend the money on?

And can you give me some advice as to which of (the products below) i should buy?

I need a new leather jacket (One with armor in would be nice)
summer gloves
New chain
Possibly an oil chain puter on thing
Bike alarm
Bike to bike communicators (for me and the girly)
Some of those cool red lights to go on me tyre valves
maybe a 'flip down' number plate

No, I have a better ideaShare it out among ur friends.Me of course!!!I could do with some retail therapy, & ur just the guy to help!!

Bike-to-Bike communicators..ARE YOU MAD ???

I pulled myself out of some bad debt and managed to throw a few grand in the bank after one redundancy. I left it there for a rainy day and It's taken so much worry off of my sholders. It's amazing the difference it made to my stress levels, I don't have a care in the world. Trust me mate..... You can always spend it later!!

Tank has a very good point.I'd chuck it in the bank & leave the decision until you've started your next job.I'd look at clearing debts away first but I'd probably spend whatever's left over.Defo forget the communicators - you've gotta have some time to yourself.

Please give me some feedbackI don't mean to sound desperate... But i amJules did you poll that i should spend the money on a bike for you?????cos don't think i didn't notice only 1 person thought i should do that...

By the way did you see what i did there (With the title)did ya?did ya?shell-fish..........oh forget it

Oh dear it's a shame isn't it..........Me vote for a new bike.................. as if..........I think a combination of the above.......some needs to be put to one side until at least job found.....you know small things like mortgage etc will still need to be paid......and my side line seems have to have slowed up a bit however you do need gloves and a jacket.......and if I am to stop losing you on our rides out then the communicators would also be good......I agree with the bit about out on the bike is 'some time to yourself' as it is for me but with your sense of direction and my inability to read maps..................!!!!!!!

is this what you meant jules?

Balance it out. Get the debts down to a more manageable level if possible. Get some decent gear if you are going to ride. After all there is no point in getting rid of your debts, wearing poor gear and then getting hurt.Just my 2pSam

... armour? I thought they had it built in.Money. Save some for later, spend some now on some ... gloves! How about some HG lobster claws?

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